Wednesday, November 16, 2005

letter no 3 from notes from above ground

Dear Sir, The earth is beginning to dry up, and that is a blessing as the digging has been going much easier, but as you might imagine the mosquito population is way out of bounds. I realize that they need sustenance too, but it is getting rediculous. We are all covered with big red welts.. I hope they don’t carry any disease. I made an interesting observation this morning while reading the newspaper.. What page of the newspaper is full of pictures of smiling people. You guessed it. the obituaries...You would at least think that some of them would be more then a little pissed off at their demise, especially when so many of them look so young for their age. Perhaps all these smiling faces are trying to tell us that death is not so bad after all. Poor Douglas did it again... this time he was out sunning himself and looked up just in time to have one of those damned pigeons shit right in his eye. He forgot about his prosthesis, and took out his right eye, and part of his nose. Some people never learn. I have been attempting to lose weight, and to try to get in shape. I try to watch what I eat, but all I seem to see is a blur. Perhaps that is a result of growing up in the depression. Speaking of depression, I made the mistake of showing a drawing that I did to a friend, and he said that it looked like I was in a state of depression when I did it. I said no I think I was in Iowa. We are getting ready to let up the kites, It should be glorious. I have constructed an electric kite that will fly without any wind, the problem is it requires unusual lengths of extension cord. I have bought out three hardware stores already. It is certainly worth it though, not to have to rely on those unpredictable thermals anymore. Truly Yours,


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