Friday, December 09, 2005


Dear Sir, Because of the heat, they have taken us out of the fields and have given us a break. That just seems to make the days last longer, however, so the tedium is great. A couple of my compatriots in boredom found a diversion for an afternoon. One of those cats that are always hanging around caught a mouse and was batting it around, the mouse would think it had escaped when the cat would pounce and bat it around some more. Anyway Gertie and Frieda stole the mouse away from the cat and tied a cord to it's hind leg. Even though the poor thing was dead, they proceeded to tease that cat with it, by dragging that mouse back and forth in front of it. Well much to Gertie and Freida's delight that old cat eventually ate that mouse. No sooner did that cat get that mouse half way down, when those girls started to pull on that string to retrieve it. With much retching and wonderful gymnastics on that cats part, up it came, slippery old mouse. Well to everyone’s joy, that cat must have ate that mouse thirty times that day, before the cord weakened and broke, and that poor creature of a cat, slunk off, foaming at the mouth. It seems at times like a higher power plays with us as did the girls with the cat, or the cat with the mouse. Well after that even the highlights of that day, HA, that week, seemed dreary. That cat will think twice I bet, before it plays with it's food again. At least in front of Gertie and Frieda. There is talk that we might be getting new uniforms, not a moment too soon I say, as mine is in tatters. There is also talk that they might cut down on the medication. I guess all of our incessant drooling is frightening off the customers. Well, keep in touch, Truly Yours,


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